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Welcome to website of the Weymouth FC Supporters Association.
WFCSA was formed in 2010, bringing together the existing Supporters Club (originally formed in 1921) and the Terra’s Trust formed in 2007. The aim being to bring together the strengths of both into a new organisation. We are a non-profit making body, registered as an Independent Provident Society (IPS) with The Financial Conduct Authority.
What Are Our Aims?
We exist to safeguard Weymouth Football Club for its supporters and as an important part of the local community. We continue to increase the supporters’ stake in the club through ongoing share purchase. Working in tandem with the Board of Directors, we want to see a club that is successful on the pitch and run in a stable business-like and transparent way. We aim to fund raise in a variety of ways to provide much needed cash flow to the football club.
WFC Shares.
Many Terra’s fans now own a small stake in the club after purchasing WFC shares. Buying shares helps the club as the money it receives is available straight away to be used however is best. Once you’ve become a WFC shareholder you’ll immediately become eligible to attend the WFC Annual General Meeting and any other exclusive meetings or forums. Of course there’s also the fact that you’ll be issued with a certificate confirming that you own your very own piece of Weymouth FC.
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